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Contractor's License # 2101122921
Contractor's License # 2101122921


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"Restoring Yesterday’s Chimneys to Today’s Standards"

Is your chimney a stack of trouble?  You need Supaflu, a genuine cure-all for your tired old chimney and all that ails it. Supaflu simultaneously provides restoration, preservation and renovation.
Cast-in-place Supaflu offers the ultimate in masonry chimney liners. Just look at all these benefits.

  •     Seals
  •     Reduces Condensation
  •     Insulates
  •     Improves Heating Efficiency
  •     Makes Chimney Safer
  •     Strengthens the Chimney
  •     Lifetime Warranty
A Great Idea!
In 1963, Englishman Peter McFarlane embarked on research and development of a process that would effectively renovate centuries-old chimneys for modern use. Working closely with Great Britain’s National Coal Board, Peter introduced the cast-in-place chimney lining system. Thus, Supaflu was born.
Since that start, Supaflu has been the preferred restoration for tens of thousands of damaged chimneys in Europe and North America, including the Queen's Palace.

Supaflu installation
Why Supaflu?
Supaflu offers you many benefits, including improved structural stability, ease of maintenance, and suitability to all fuel types. However, Supaflu's most important benefits are improved efficiency and added safety.
Supaflu is designed to insulate your chimney while providing an effective barrier between the flue gases and your living quarters. Because of its liquid consistency, Supaflu fills all cracks and pores greatly reducing the chances that you will be exposed to toxic gases.
As an insulator, Supaflu is superior. In fact, the R-value is 500 percent greater than clay tile liners. This insulation ensures that flue gases remain hotter and more buoyant, thus improving overall venting efficiency and reducing buildup within the flue. Additionally, your chimney's exterior surface temperature will be lowered, reducing the chances that combustible materials surrounding your chimney may ignite. Supaflu is non-corrosive and is free of asbestos. Also, when subjected to alternating freeze-thaw cycles, Supaflu showed no signs of surface degradation.
Prior to installation, the chimney is inspected, cleaned, and prepared using chimney maintenance procedures and equipment recognized by our industry. Should the flue already be lined, the existing liner is removed.
All openings in the chimney structure, such as cleanouts, thimbles, and fireplace openings, are sealed, and weak areas in the chimney are braced.
The proper-size former is calculated for the particular heating application. The inflatable rubber former is then lowered and guided into the chimney flue. The former is then inflated and centered within the flue.
The Supaflu mix is prepared by adding water. The material is then pumped into the chimney from the top. It fills the space between the former and the inside of the chimney casing.
After the new Supaflu liner has fully cured, the former is deflated and removed from the flue, leaving a smooth, round, one-piece liner.
Your Installer
Supaflu authorized installers are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. Every installer has undergone extensive classroom, laboratory, and practical training in the complexity of chimney repair and restoration. Seminars, technical bulletins and updates from Supaflu’s engineering department provide frequent communications to our Supaflu installer network. You can have confidence that your Supaflu installer will provide the highest level of professionalism in every aspect of your Supaflu installation.
Lifetime Warranty
Your new chimney liner is backed by our lifetime warranty. Supaflu is the first cast-in-place chimney lining system to back its products when you sell your home. If you sell your home, Supaflu will honor the warranty for a period of 10 years from the date of installation. Even the buyer of your home will benefit from any years remaining on the warranty at the time of sale.
Safety Listings
  • UL Listed: UL 1777 Standard for Masonry Chimneys
    • (Tested and Listed for Installation in Chimneys with Zero-Clearance to Combustibles)
  • Intertek Warnock-Hersey Listed: ULC-S635-M90 and ULC-S640-M91
    • (Lining Systems for Existing Masonry of Factory-Built Chimneys and Vents, and Lining Systems for New Masonry Chimneys)
workers on rooftop
Product listing means that representative samples of the Supaflu product have been evaluated and determined that they meet established requirements for safety and performance. These requirements are based primarily on Underwriters Laboratories' published Standards for Safety. Supaflu complies with major building codes currently applicable in the U.S. and Canada. ULC denotes the Canadian Standard.
Additional Information
If you require additional technical information regarding the installation, use, or technical specifications of Supaflu chimney systems, or if you have questions on chimney restoration in general, please contact us at: P.O. Box 2350, Scarborough, ME 04070, 207-885-0561, 800-788-7636 or 207-885-0561 (fax). Reach us online at or Email
For more information, call Nader's Masonry, Inc. in St. Charles, Michigan, your authorized Supaflu installer.
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Member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation